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Are you ready to embrace the beautiful woman that you are? Do you want to learn to dress with excellence and confidence? 

Discover the colors that make you look and feel your best! A 15 minute color analysis will help you identify your best neutrals, pop colors and recommended prints. 

  • Color Analysis

  • Digital Color Swatches (36+)


Color Analysis & Swatches: $35


Meet with me for a deluxe 90  minute one-on-one style appointment. In addition to discovering your best colors,  learn styles which flatter your body shape, height and  personal style preferences, including:

  • Color Analysis

  • Digital Color Swatches(36+) 

  • Body Type Analysis

  • Style Personality

  • Accessorizing Tips

Deluxe Color/Style Appointment: $125

Deluxe Style Appointment: $90 



Looking for a fun and unique way to spend some quality time with your girlfriends?  

Gather your girls and host a Style Party designed to help you and your friends discover tips and tricks to look your absolute best, including:

  • Color Analysis

  • Body Type Analysis

  • Style Personality

  • Accessorizing Tips

  • Digital Color Swatches ($35 value)


Style Party: $80/guest (2-3 guests)

                    $65/guest (4-5 guests)

                    $50/guest (6+ guests)



Are you looking to build a fabulous wardrobe or shop for a special occasion? Are you interviewing, transitioning into the workforce or developing the appropriate career wardrobe? Do you just simply hate to shop? 

Plan a personal shopping trip to apply new knowledge gained from your individual color analysis and deluxe style appointment. I will help you navigate the racks and assemble the perfect outfit for any occasion on any budget.


No time to shop for yourself? I can do it for you, based on your individual style analysis.

Personal Shopping Service: $100/2 hrs.

$40/hr. (3+hrs.) 



Schedule a unique shopping experience for your clientele and provide the opportunity for a color analysis while they shop.  Additional services may be provided in order to tailor the event to suit the occasion!

A group shopping experience can also be arranged with your friends following a Style Party in order to refine your fashion skills! Choose your shopping venue and learn to shop with intention not on impulse! Buy not just what you love, but what loves you back.   Your closet and your budget will thank you!

​​​Boutique Events: Contact me.



Does your closet need a desperate makeover? Does it feel like a total chaotic wreck? Do you need help getting your closet organized? Have no fear, Jarusha is here!

During our Closet Consultation, we will determine which items in your wardrobe make you look and feel your best! ​Together we will methodically evaluate  items considering color, body type, style personality, and overall condition. We will also identify pieces to help build your wardrobe. Learn to shop with intention rather than on impulse.


Discover freedom through fashion where less is more! Dress daily with peace and confidence as you love the clothes in your closet, but they also love you back!

Initial Closet Consultation: $120/2 hr.

Consultation & Organization: $50/hr.



Are you looking for a speaker for a women's event? Interested in a workshop or even a weekend girls getaway? 

  • Retreats

  • Banquets

  • Workshops

  • Conferences

  • Reveal Your Dignity (Grades 5-12)

  • College to Career Workshops

  • Corporate & Professional Events


Encourage women of all ages to discover the unique and beautiful individuals that God created them to be. In a society where image is defined by worldly standards, we are reminded that we are created in His image. Integrating faith and fashion provides a unique topic which is relevant to women and girls of all ages and all walks of life. 

Define, Refine and Shine!

Speaking Events: Contact me.

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